A fantasy world

Welcome to my fantasy space. I am a devoted book reader and movie watcher and my favorite genres are fantasy, sci.fi and historical fiction. I spend most of my free time indulging in worlds and times far away from now and I love to explore places of pure fantasy. My mind is constantly traveling.


I have thought about starting a blog where I can review movies and literature for a long time now, mostly for my own sake so that I can go back and read about different works after some time. At the same time perhaps it could be of joy to other fantasy lovers. 

Please stay tuned for my first review, coming soon!

George R. R. Martin on Fantasy

29 Jul 2021

One of my favorite fantasy writers is George R. R. Martin. I find that his views on the genre help me greatly in my reviews. In addition, he manages to convey the many reasons why fantasy stories allow us to escape to fascinating fictional worlds.

Top Science-Fiction Books to Read in 2020

5 Feb 2020

For those having an interest in sci-fiction books, there are certain classics that can get you started in this genre. Isaac Asimov's works, or Dune, by Frank Herbert, are some of the classics that sci-fiction fans should definitely check out. Get a Kindle and start reading!

Find some otherworldly riches!

9 Nov 2019

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Starmetal Oak Reviews

5 Oct 2019

If you're experiencing difficulty choosing a good movie, TV show to watch, or book to read, check out our Starmetal Oak Reviews. Find unbiased and comprehensive reviews about various movies and literature from around the world. Put simply, Starmetal Oak Reviews is the most trusted online aggregator of quality entertainment and literature works.